Sustainability Studies @ RPI - Students

The Sustainability Studies Minor has dozens of students enrolled from departments across campus. Below is a sample of those students, with a brief statement of their interests and future career plans.
Brandon Andreola is majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Sustainability Studies. He was a member of the first class of Vasudha and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Tau Beta Pi, and Omega Chi Epsilon. Brandon aims to continue toward graduate education in biochemical engineering and to eventually work in pharmaceutical manufacture or alternative energy research.
Devin Bushey is a senior majoring in Architecture and minoring in Sustainability Studies. She has taken several courses emphasizing sustainable building design and practices. After graduation she plans to utilize this knowledge in her architectural endeavors. Specifically, she hopes to work designing sustainable commercial spaces as well as large residential buildings.
Anasha Cummings is majoring in Design, Innovation, and Society and minoring in Sustainability Studies.  He lived in the Vasudha community during his freshman year and is Chair of Student Sustainabililty Task Force. He has also been actively involved in EcoLogic, RPI's environmental club.
Morgan Danner is majoring in Architecture and minoring in Sustainability Studies. She plans to specialize in Green Architecture. She has long been interested in environmental issues, including how they relate to architecture, policy, and science.
Russell Jones is majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Sustainability Studies. He sees Civil Engineering a field full of opportunity for improving the sustainability of our infrastructure and natural environments.
Katie Malysa is majoring in Design, Innovation, and Society and minoring in Sustainability Studies, Geology, and Science, Technology, and Society. She has developed a great interest in universal and sustainable design. She aspires to use knowledge from her courses to create products and systems that unite science, technology, society, and the environment.
Bree Mobley is majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Sustainability Studies. In the future, she hopes to do transportation engineering in a way that takes into account how projects effect the environments they are in, including lifespan, user groups, and who or what a project displaces. Stressing sustainability ensures that all of these issues are covered before a project begins.
Jake Tonkel is an undeclared engineering major and minoring in Sustainabiliity Studies. He plans to apply his degrees to designing solutions to many global sustainability problems.
Dorothy Underwood is a first-year student in the Vasudha program who is majoring in Architecture.  She hopes to specialize in sustainable architecture, and one of her dream goals is to work with/intern for Michael Reynolds, the inventor of Earthships.
Charles Yueh is majoring in Biology in the Accelerated Physician-Scientist program and minoring in Sustainability Studies. He is a member of Vasudha, Alpha Phi Omega, and Terra Café. He is interested in sustainability approaches, especially as they relate to the practice of humanitarian medicine.


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